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Alot of dudes from my city they aint sayin nothing alot of records from here get no play

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So yall may or may not know this but Iam NOT a Weezy fan..But I am a fan of good music that is why Iam proud to present to you the new voice of the young people..(in my opinion) D.R.A.K.E …Most of you know him as “Jimmy” from Degrassi but in the music industry he goes by the name Drake..He has already released two mixtapes..The first mixtape “Room For Improvement” was a summer time instruction manual for those who weren’t hip to the game…His second mixtape was and still is, a winter classic..Filled with bangin beats, freestyles and a couple of cameos from some of the hottest underground rappers around…O did i mention he spits over top of J.Dilla’s “Time: The Donuts of the Heart”…Drake spits nothing but the truth….None of that bull shit like.. “I aint upset but I’ll blind you if I smile at you” or “I aint a asshole, but I`m on some hood shit I wish I would switch, I don`t know how Blood gang sworm like a red ant pile”…THAT SHIT SUCKS!!

Below I have some links to Drake’s mixtapes..Everyone who is into GOOD Music should take the time out to listen..


Hell Of A Night

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So my sister from another mother had her birthday party this past Saturday…And let me tell you it was one hell of a night… We had the Mo√ęt on smash and a lil bit of that funky stuff to keep the party moving…LOL Just check the pics and you’ll catch my drift!!


Bigger Than Ringling Brothers

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This is my very first post so Ima give you some hot new info!!

My mans Kanye West is going on tour this year with some very talented Co-Stars..The roster includes Def Jam’s own Ms.Rihanna. Also Chi-Town’s Gohan a.k.a Lupe Fiasco….Last but not least my favorite band of all time N.E.R.D.!!! Iv never seen any of these artist live so this concert is going to be a dozzie!! Check out the poster…

Sick as shit right…