Hit Maker

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Looking Very Shane Today

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My homie Shane holds me down everytime.

Tell Em’

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So, in my mind i’m tusslin’ Back and forth ‘tween here and hustlin’ I don’t wanna time travel no mo..

Summer Vibe

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The Summer vibe..Falling back on the smoking..

2:40 Five Twenty Two Twenty Ten

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Long time no post. Im not sure if anyone is reading this but Im back at it..Kinda been missing this thing. I know its been a while since my last post but Ive been busy..Well we’ve been busy, working on what we call an album. Its gonna be pretty dope, something fresh. Since our first song we put on MySpace, we’ve grown a lot. But its been a long time..

With time comes growth and growth is needed to make progress..But time is also everything..Some  may say we’ve been working forever with nothing to show for it..But thats is simply untrue..We’re just perfecting the flow homie..But at the same time Artist have come and gone since we started working…And the thought of us being “late”, has crossed my mind..A couple times..But to be honest I have come to the realization that the right time is now..We’re close..I know it..


Dedication is key..

My fisrt post was Drake’s “ComeBack Season” back in 07-08. So its only right that I post another piece of work from Drake. A piece of work that has inspired me (not to sound corney).  You should have this already…If not shame.

Download Drake 9am Dallas Freestyle mp3.


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WhatEver You Like

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